These photographs were taken with a medium format (6x7) camera. I'm not nostalgic about shooting on film, but I do miss the way the process demands thoughtfulness.

These were taken with several digital SLRs. The challenge with pixels is to make images that have substance. Every digital photo is trying to prove itself worthy of substance.

These were all taken either with an iPhone or Android smartphone, using some filters. I like pushing against the limitations of these technologies, predicting (or failing to predict) what will happen in the space between my intention and the result. I like also that they allow me to look in a less intrusive way. Sometimes in a sneaky way, too. Smartphones are making collectors, voyeurs and documentarians of us all.

"And there I was, incredible to myself,
among people far too eager to believe me
and my story, even if it happened to be true."

--Seamus Heaney

(all images made by me unless otherwise specified)