Training in Peace & Reconciliation Facilitation

I took part in a six-month pilot training program created by several peace centres, in order to facilitate difficult conversations within religious, inter-religious and religious-secular spaces. I identify as an agnostic Quaker.

Extinction Rebellion: Inside the Irish branch of the movement

Interviewed for the Irish Times about involvement with Extinction Rebellion Ireland.

Diversifying Art Museum Leadership Initiative Fellow 2018 and 2019

I was part of a small team of artists and scholars reimagining the encyclopedic museum's role within the greater community.

Reading at the European Poetry Festival 2019

Public reading at the Riverbank Arts Centre in Newbridge.

Reading at Lilliput Press

Oana Sanziana Marian
Katie Donovan
Paula Meehan
Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi

Anna-Mieke & Branwen

Essay: At the Old Border, included in the Dark Mountain Project -- Issue 4: TERRA

About walking and borders. Sort of.

[image: 'The Poacher,' by Rik Rawling]

Ionel Talpazan (1955–2015)

Ionel Talpazan exercised the artist’s penchant for self-creation. ARTFORUM Passages 

The Christmas Hearth

On being taken in.

Review of Becca Lowry in Artforum

“She was the Angelina Jolie of wolves.” So said one of Yellowstone’s biologists of the gray wolf they called the ’06 Female, to whom Becca Lowry dedicated RIP 06 (all works 2014), one of the six sculptural pieces exhibited in her first solo show.

"Organized Movement"

Performance art and politics in Romania, ARTFORUM, April 2013. 

A short piece in the Bi Blog, with Gaby Brainard

BI is an architectural publication featuring contributors of different generations, backgrounds and views. A theoretician, a professional in their 30's, a young designer just starting out, an architect who has done almost everything...

Interview with Andrei Ujica for Guernica

A conversation with the pioneering director about how a plagiarism scandal and an arts-organization takeover sparked a clash in Romanian politics—and how it may lead to reform.

Translation of Dan Sociu included in anthology about Post-Communist Eastern Europe.

An excerpt from Dan Sociu's celebrated work Urbancolia (translated by Oana Marian) appears in THE WALL IN MY HEAD, edited by Words Without Borders and published by Open Letter Press.

Oana Marian on American Public Media's Speaking of Faith.

“Living Differently, Beyond Economic Crisis.”

A new installment in the ongoing series, Repossessing Virtue, bringing the voices of Speaking of Faith listeners into the conversation they've been building online and on-air since the economic downturn began last year. Many are grappling with the shame that comes in American culture with the loss of a job, and many are seeking community in old places and new. For some, economic instability — a kind of life on the edge — is not new. They've been cultivating virtues of patience, self-examination, service and good humor that might help us all.
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